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 Meet   Meena !   

Meena’s life is full of color. She wears vibrant clothes, eats every shade of the rainbow, and plucks eye-catching trash from the neighborhood recycling bins.


But when Meena’s best friend, Sofía, stops playing with her at recess and she experiences an unexpected and scary incident at breakfast, nothing can fight off the gray.


That’s when Meena comes up with a plan to create the BEST and most COLORFUL Valentine’s Day Box in the class. With the help of her cousin, Eli, and her stuffed zebra, Raymond, Meena discovers that the best way to break through the blah is to let her true colors shine.

More Meena

MORE   Meena   

Meena’s life is more colorful than ever. When she finds a mysterious ring that seems to give her powers, Meena sets out to prove that she's a superhero.


The trouble is, her best friends might not believe her, Meena's little sister wants to be more than just a sidekick, and worst of all, an incident at school makes everyone think Meena is the one who needs to be saved.

But even heroes need help from their friends sometimes. If Meena can figure that out, she might just discover her true powers...and theirs!

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march 2020 

Even MORE   

Everything is going Meena’s way. Her seizures are under control, she's started the Finders Keepers Club, and she's trying hard to be a better friend. So when Sofía's cat, Oriol, goes missing, Meena is the first to help her look.


But when she learns Sofía's family might be moving far away, everything starts to fall apart. Worst of all, Sofía seems more worried about finding her cat than leaving Meena behind!

With a little help from her trash collection, Meena sets out to locate Oriol and keep Sofía close. But what if being a good friend means losing what she loves most?

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"I loved the meena series from the start,
but this one is my favorite!"
Goodreads review 


NEW Meena!   

No one can take Sofía's place. Now that her best friend lives across the country, everything reminds Meena of her. She even spends the whole week saving up things to tell Sofía in their Saturday video chats.


But when Sofía gets busy with soccer friends, Meena decides to join a team of her own. Only it turns out softball is harder than she expects. So is getting along with Lin, her bossy teammate who doesn't even like art!


It's not like Meena wants to be friends or anything. She still has Sofía, doesn't she? But can they stay close when they're so far apart, or is it time to expand Team Meena?


"A great conclusion to the...series.
...Why not get them all?"
Goodreads review 

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The Box

by Raquel

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by Ruby

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by Annika

This charming new chapter book starring a creative and lovable Mighty Girl will delight kids who love Ramona Quimby-style stories full of humor and exuberance! Manternach's pitch-perfect text will feel authentic and relatable to young readers. Highly recommended... A MIGHTY GIRL 

Meena’s escapades will rescue readers from boredom. KIRKUS

Meena is a girl whose personality bursts off the page. She is a high-energy mischief-maker with a secret stash of glue at the ready for pranks, a creative whiz who forages for trash to repurpose into art, and an insatiable competitor who seeks to turn every class assignment into a contest. SCHOOL LIBRARY CONNECTION

Manternach draws from her knowledge of her own nine-year-old daughter's chronic condition in telling Meena's story, adding a sold foundation to a story about how to grab all the colors in life. BOOKLIST


Meena is wondrously flawed yet totally likable. It was great fun to spend time in the mind of such a creative, complicated, earnest, and messy kid. I was rooting for her the whole way! KAROL RUTH SILVERSTEIN, Author of Cursed, A Schneider Family Book Award winner


Manternach has worked storytelling magic with Meena, a color-craving, brave-hearted third grader who shows us how to hold onto friendship, even in the midst of uncertainty--with plenty of "You Must Be Crazy Glue" and a fierce, joyful and compassionate heart. CONNIE CLARK, Living Faith Kids magazine


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